What do you want to be/do when you are older?

That is always the dreaded question that many do not have an answer to. This was me. This is why I am sharing why I chose law at university. I never knew what I wanted to do when I was older. To this day I still do not know exactly what I want to do. I always enjoyed watching programmes and reading books surrounding the law (fiction and non-fiction). One of my favourite books is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and I still love to watch Legally Blonde! Law had always called to me from a young age.

In addition, I became interested in the justice system and I had become really invested in helping other people (I like volunteering. See my post ‘Volunteering‘ to see how it can be very beneficial). I had come to the realisation that I loved volunteer and charity work as I loved the feeling of helping other people and giving something back. It was in the back of my mind that I could someday really make a difference if I studied law.

I always liked the idea of having a law degree and it was always a dream of mine that I just thought I would never achieve. I looked with admiration to the people that had a law degree but never thought I would be able to achieve this. Therefore, I never thought of it as a career path for me.

I had accepted that a career in law was way out of my reach, so I started looking into other career paths. I researched into a lot of different careers such as Architecture, Event Planning and Engineering.

The time had come to pick what subjects I wanted to do for my GCSE’s. Most of them were pretty easy for me (the hardest decision was deciding between business studies and art) and one of the subjects I chose was engineering, as I had now decided I wanted to try pursuing a career in engineering.

However, when I started my GCSE in engineering it was apparent that engineering was definitely not for me. This meant I was back to square one. Once again, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I ended up taking business studies at GCSE and ended up really enjoying it. It was at this point that I thought I would potentially study business at university, but I still had no real idea of what I wanted to do.

It was now time to pick what A-Levels I wanted to do. Business was an easy choice as I had decided I maybe wanted to do business at university. I also picked geography as I had enjoyed it at GCSE and I picked psychology as I was interested in it and thought I would enjoy it. However, I still had one more option to pick that I wasn’t sure about. At the college I went to there was the option to study law and when I saw it, I was instantly drawn to the subject. This was the reason I moved from my secondary school, as my secondary school did not provide the opportunity to study law.

Throughout studying my A-Levels, it was very quickly clear that law was my favourite subject and to top it off, it was also the subject that I was best at. I was just drawn to the subject; the content just instantly seemed to click with my brain. This was when I started to consider a career in law and why I chose law at university, as it was something I really enjoyed.

I had pretty much decided that I wanted to do law at university but the final thing that made me certain was when I got my AS results. I had achieved the highest mark out of everyone in my year for law. I felt like this was the last sign that law was for me.

Furthermore, I felt that choosing law would open many doors for me as you can go into lots of different things having studied law. This meant that I could do a subject I really enjoyed and have many options open to me in the future.

This is why I chose law at university. Share your stories in the comments below!

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