The summer before second year of university has been a busy one! It has flown by and now it is the week before I go back. BUT… what am I doing to prepare for starting university again?

Second year is a big year as it is the first year that counts towards your overall degree (first year definitely still counts! See my post on What I Wish I Knew Before Studying Law at University to find out why). Not only that, for law students it is the time to start applying to law firms. This can be both stressful and daunting (but also exciting!).

For me, the start of second year is a time of decisions. Do I want to start applying to law firms? Do I want to do a year abroad? Questions that I still don’t know the answer to! That is why it is important to make the transition into second year as stress free as possible!

So, what am I doing to achieve this?


The biggest thing I am doing is planning. I have looked into deadlines and opening dates for each of the law firms I am interested in. I have written them down in my planner so I can quite clearly see what time I have to write applications.

This eases the pressure when my schedule starts to get a lot busier with everything going on at university.

Researching law firms

Carrying on from the last point, researching law firms means I will be able to apply to the law firms I want to, and I already have the information in front of me.

This was especially kick started by my attendance at the Bright Network Future Lawyers Top 100 event (see my blog post on it for some tips!). This event really showed me what kind of law firm I want to apply to.

This means I can tailor applications to the firm better as I have researched it. This research will be carried on throughout my last week of the holidays and continuing throughout university.

It is good to go into application season having already researched the firms you are wanting to apply to!

Furthermore, I have researched the open days I am interested in attending so again, I am ready when the time comes to apply. It also makes it much easier getting them in your diary, so you can plan around them.

Ordering my business cards

As I am preparing for university, I am definitely going to be attending more networking events this year. This not only helps to find out more about the firms you are networking with, it also shows you are interested in the firms.

Doing this right at the start of the year makes things less stressful when your schedule starts to get busier.


You always need a back to school haul! Who doesn’t love a bit of new stationary? Nothing better than new stationary to kick start your motivation!

I have been getting last minute bits like some new bedding and pens. I have also been ordering some polaroid pictures to go on my picture board.

My postcards from Legally Liana have also arrived today and I can’t wait to get them up at university!

Meeting up with friends and family

This might be the last time you will see your friends and family for a while, so it is a great time to meet up over a drink or plan a day together (my friends and I went to get pancakes!).

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  1. I always used to love the big stationery haul before going back to uni! I especially love your planner! Xx

    1. Thank you! I always look forward to the big stationary haul too xx

  2. The back to school stationery haul was always my favourite part! It’s great that your looking at law firms to apply to already, being able to tailor your application(s) to them is a great idea.

    1. It’s always my favourite part too! Thank you for your lovely comment πŸ™‚

  3. It seems like you’ve got yourself in good shape for the year ahead. Both practically and mentally. There’s a clear timeline you’ve laid out too. Definitely do as much networking and go to as much law meetups as possible. Wished I did that for Sports Science at Uni πŸ™ All the best for 2nd year!

    1. I will do, thank you!

    1. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! Stationary is always needed <3

  4. It’s always exciting going back for another school year. Buying the stationery was always my favourite part! Planning and being organised is definitely important too.

    1. Definitely!

  5. I always loved picking up new notebooks and stuff before starting again. It sounds like you’re well prepared for the next year ahead. I hope everything goes well with the applications! x


    1. Thank you! x

  6. Sounds like you’ve really got it all together! Good luck with your second year, sounds like you’re off to a great start <3

    Jas xx

    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  7. This is so exciting! I love that your picking out businesses cards too I didn’t do this until the third year of my degree, and I wish id have done it sooner. Best luck for your second year x

    Kayleigh Zara πŸŽƒβœ¨

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚

  8. You are so organized and prepared for your second year! I hated university and wish I was as prepared as you. While I know nothing of law school and such, I highly recommend studying abroad. That is my biggest regret with university. It’s a chance to live in a different country, learn a new language, make friendships and just get an entirely different perspective.

    Good luck this year!

    Casey |

    1. I definitely think I will regret not doing a year abroad! Thank you for your advice πŸ™‚

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