EVERYONE has been there where thoughts just build up to the point they are just constantly swirling around in their head on repeat. This is where a ‘Brain Dump’ comes in.

I am such an overthinker and often have sleepless nights as I just cannot turn my thoughts off no matter how hard I try. They are just playing on a loop in my head.

I often worry and have thoughts that just WILL NOT go away. It can be thoughts about deadlines, events I have to attend and just general things that need to be remembered!

I often find them hard to cope with, but I have just found out that one of the methods I have used to cope with the thoughts for years has been a ‘Brain Dump.’

A few days ago, when I came across the article ‘How to Untangle Your Mind with a Brain Dump’ from LittleCoffeeFox, it was like a light bulb had lit up in my head and everything just seemed to make sense.


What is a ‘Brain Dump?’

It is the transfer of information from your brain to another medium (a person/paper/computer). Everything from your brain is DUMPED onto a piece of paper (as I like to write things down).

There are different ways of using a Brain Dump and I am going to highlight the two ways I use a Brain Dump.

The first way I use a Brain Dump

I write down EVERYTHING I am thinking about. I write down every worry I am having, everything that is on my mind and everything I need to get done. The main point here being…. WRITE IT DOWN!

The second way…

The second way is actually when I am revising. This is the main method I use to revise. I memorise content then I write everything I have learnt down on a piece of paper (yes this can take hours when you have lots of content and lots of exams, but it works- see my post on ‘How to Memorise Large Amounts of Law Content‘ to see how I make it work!).

Why use one?

When I am using a Brain Dump to help me from overthinking, it is used as a way to stop the constant loop in my head. By writing everything down it stops the loop- it provides an interruption.

It is like I don’t have to think about it anymore as it is written down. I don’t have to remember it anymore. It provides a great sense of relief.

When I overthink, it is like I am holding my breath and it just builds up and builds up as if there is tension in my chest. Once I have done my Brain Dump it is like letting all that tension out. It is like a big sigh of relief- like I can breathe again.

It greatly helps my mental health and it helps me re-organise my brain.

When I use a Brain Dump to revise it is to make sure I am retaining information. It puts my mind at ease knowing I definitely know the information! (See my blog post on ‘How to Memorise Large Amounts of Law Content‘ for more information).

How to use a Brain Dump (and how it can be useful!)

As stated earlier, you write EVERYTHING that is in your brain onto a piece of paper. Even if you think it is irrelevant (or even if it is a good thought!) write it down!

After writing everything down you can re-organise everything by date if you have lots of deadlines and by writing down what needs to be completed for each deadline. If it is a worry you can look at the root cause and potentially do something about it!


Next time you are feeling stressed or want to try a different revision technique- use a BRAIN DUMP!

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  1. Sophie Wentworth

    I’m exactly the same! Sometimes I don’t write down the little things that I need to do and my brain gets so overwhelmed trying to remember everything. I always end up doing something like this. Great that you do it for exams too! x


  2. Sophie Naylor

    I do this a lot and it really helps! I often write all my stressful thoughts down, rip the paper up and throw it away. It really helps in a weird way haha x

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