A lot of people talk about the move from studying A-Levels to starting university, but no one talks about the jump from first year to second year. For me, this has been the biggest jump so far.

I have just completed my first two weeks of second year studying LLB Law and it has been incredibly stimulating and enjoyable, but it has definitely not been an easy journey!

For law students, the start of second year is not just about academics (although this is really important). It is also the time to start applying to law firms for vacation schemes, open days and to attend networking events and careers dinners. On top of studying you are expected to do a lot of extracurricular activities (volunteering, pro bono work, being on the committee of a society etc.).

Although all of these activities are very enjoyable and rewarding (I promise they are – see my post on Volunteering to see how rewarding it can be!) it can be quite overwhelming having to split your time between volunteering, other extra curriculars, writing applications and studying for a law degree (which isn’t easy and takes up a lot of time!).

Sometimes you feel like you do not have enough time in a day to get everything done and you have a constant never ending ‘to do’ list.

You are definitely dumped straight into it all in second year. I am incredibly glad I did some preparation during summer (see my post on what I did to prepare for second year to get some tips!) as if I hadn’t, I would definitely feel even more overwhelmed.

The intensity of second year and the work load has definitely increased from first year. I have really enjoyed getting stuck into all my work and I love to be busy, especially knowing that everything I am doing now will benefit me in the future. It makes me excited for the future and makes me want to strive to reach my goals, but it is definitely a testing and stressful time.

During this time, it is definitely good to prioritise, plan and make sure you take a lot of breaks!

I have joined the Craft Society this year and it has been great to have a couple of hours where I can unleash my creative side and relax in a social setting that is completely different to studying law.

I recently attended a pottery workshop which was also something very enjoyable and a nice break from law as it enables your brain to reset ready to tackle the rest of your ‘to do’ list.

It is sometimes easy to get caught up in all the things you have to do that you forget to take time for yourself.

I am excited to move forward and tackle the rest of the year!

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