Recent events have meant that most people are now working and learning from home. This has meant adapting to online learning.

I know every university was at different stages in teaching before the lockdown happened. When lockdown happened for me, I still had weeks of teaching left.

This has meant I have had to adapt to online seminars and meetings. This has been no easy task! I know from friends and through my Instagram that the change has meant a lack of motivation and productivity. I am now starting to get that back as I have started my new term at university after the Easter holidays.

I have gathered some tips for adapting to online learning and working and have shared them with you below!

Tips for Productivity!

  • Routine:
    • This does not have to be the same everyday but having certain things that you do most days helps keep you on track!
    • For example, they have released online lectures to watch in our own time. I try to watch one a day in bed as soon as I have woken up. I find this is the best time for me to concentrate on lectures and my mind does not wonder off.
    • I also play games with my mum at about 5pm after she has finished work which is something I look forward to!
  • Get up and get dressed:
    • This helps as if I am in my PJs all day I feel I never quite wake up! After I have watched my morning lecture I get up and dressed.
  • Write a ‘to do’ list:
    • This will give you something to work towards.
    • I know some of my friends have made a timetable of things to do right up until our online assessments in May.
  • Have regular breaks:
    • I look forward to my lunch break and I sometimes watch an episode of something on Netflix halfway through the afternoon.
    • Often having a break will mean you will work better when you go back to working.
    • On weekends I make an effort to do a lot less university work as this is the main time I spend with family. I make sure I organise my week so that I can make this happen.
  • Having a break is okay!
    • There will be days where you do not feel like doing anything and that is okay!
    • Don’t beat yourself up about it. It is completely normal and often you will feel more productive after a break.

Tips for Online Learning!

  • Stick to a timetable:
    • For my modules (I do 3 this semester) they have released all of last years lectures for us to go through at our own pace.
    • We still have our own timetable so you could watch those lectures at their timetabled places which keeps a good routine.
    • You could also watch one every morning like me (unless I have a seminar in the morning, in which case I would not watch one that day so I stop myself from burning out).
  • Sit at a desk:
    • I always find this is more productive than sitting in bed or on the sofa.
  • Preparation:
    • Make sure to do all the seminar prep so you can keep up with the seminar
  • Contribute:
    • Ask questions and contribute in seminars so that you can consolidate your knowledge and try out different ideas.
  • Watch seminars live:
    • This means you are not behind.
    • I always feel less motivated and put seminars off unless I watch them live!
    • If you can’t watch them live, listen to them after and if you have any questions, book an appointment with your tutor.
  • Keep in contact:
    • Speak with friends from your course!
    • You can share information and it often makes you feel less alone.
    • Being isolated on your own with a mountain of work can be quite daunting so make sure to keep in contact with others.
  • Organised notes:
    • Make sure to keep your notes organised so that they are easy to find.
    • All of my exams are now open book so it is important that I can get to my notes quickly
  • Go at your own pace:
    • Everyone will be in different situations and circumstances so don’t be disheartened if people seem to be ahead of you.

If you have anymore tips then leave them down below!

My next blog post will be what I get up to in lockdown other than university work.

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